Welcome to Crimp Chimps! We are a unique, Boulder-based company that specializes in handmade animal chalk bags. We sell our product in gear shops and climbing gyms, but we also love to do custom orders. Look out for a list of stores that carry Crimp Chimps. In the meantime, you can choose your plush animal and we provide custom alteration to transform it into a personalized chalk bag or pot! Do you love giraffes? Otters? Penguins? Let us hook you up with a fun new climbing accessory!

Crimp Chimps chalk bags

- Are customizable just for you!
- Are the only lovable and cuddly chalk bags!
- Are fun on your fanny!

We use high-quality fleece for the chalk bag interior, trapping chalk inside and coating your fingers when you need to rid yourself of sweaty hands. We’ll choose high-strength parachute cord and flat or tubular webbing to match the color of your animal. Then we sew the chalk bag together by hand and include a cord pull so you can keep your chalk inside while en route to the crag. For chalk bags, we sew loops onto your animal so you can use either a chalk belt or one of our Crimp Chimps caribiners!

Original Crimp Chimps Chalk Bag

The Owner

Jaime started climbing in 2006 at Earth Treks in Baltimore, MD. Jaime’s quirkiness and creativity inspired her to create a chalk bag from the rear end of a stuffed monkey, a concept that received strange looks as she climbed across the United States and in Europe. Her studies and outdoor interests led her to The Spot in Boulder, CO where she earned a Masters degree and finally started Crimp Chimps in the Summer of 2010. Jaime is always up for solving a puzzle and gets a kick out of piecing together unique chalk bags, so bring on a challenge.

2012 Crimp Chimps-sponsored Events
01/21/12 Rain City Send (NC3) Seattle, WA
01/28/12 Prince and Princess of Plastic Bozeman, MT
01/28/12 The Climbtastic Voyage (NC3) Cheney, WA
02/04/12 Gladiator Finals (SBS VII) Boulder, CO
02/11/12 Wall Crawl Birmingham, AL
02/11/12 Veni. Vidi. Ascendi (NC3) Bellingham, WA
02/18/12 snowFALL Greeley, CO
02/18/12 VertFest (NC3) Corvallis, OR
03/03/12 Palouse Climbing Festival (NC3) Moscow, ID
03/03/12 Hueco Rock Rodeo Hueco, TX
03/04/12 Freezer Burn Estes Park, CO
03/31/12 Ropeless Rodeo (NC3) Ellensburg, WA
04/01/12 Rockfall Saint John’s, CAN
04/07/12 Climbers Rage Against Gravity Stanford, CA
04/14/12 Plastic Surgery (NC3) Corvallis, OR
04/28/12 Sweet Onion Crank (NC3) Walla Walla, WA
9/29/12 The Gun Show (SBS VIII) Boulder, CO
10/20/12 Psychedelia (SBS VIII) Boulder, CO
12/01/12 Highballs and Highlines (SBS VIII) Boulder, CO
02/2/13 Gladiator Finals (SBS VIII) Boulder, CO
Previous Years’ Crimp Chimps-sponsored Events
9/25/10 The Gun Show (SBS VI) Boulder, CO
10/23/10 Psychedelia (SBS VI) Boulder, CO
12/04/10 Highball Comp (SBS VI) Boulder, CO
01/22/11 Gladiator Finals (SBS VI) Boulder, CO
01/22/11 Veni. Vidi. Ascendi. (NC3) Bellingham, WA
01/29/11 Climbtastic Voyage (NC3) Cheney, WA
02/12/11 Rain City Send (NC3) Seattle, WA
02/25/11 Hueco Rock Rodeo Hueco, TX
02/26/11 VertFest (NC3) Corvallis, OR
03/05/11 Palouse Climbing Festival (NC3) Moscow, ID
04/02/11 Ropeless Rodeo (NC3) Ellensburg, WA
04/02/11 Climbers Rage Against Gravity Stanford, CA
04/16/11 Plastic Surgery (NC3) Corvallis, OR
04/16/11 Annual CU Climbing Competition Boulder, CO
04/30/11 Sweet Onion Crank (NC3) Walla Walla, WA
06/18/11 Caseritos Bogotá, Colombia
09/14/11 Flagstaff Trash Bash Boulder, CO
09/17/11 Climb This! Kenosha, WI
09/24/11 The Gun Show (SBS VII) Boulder, CO
10/01/11 Reel Rock Film Tour Fort Lauderdale, FL
10/22/11 Psychedelia (SBS VII) Boulder, CO
12/03/11 Highball Comp (SBS VII) Boulder, CO

Still have questions? Email us at crimpchimps@gmail.com. Thanks for considering us for your next climbing chalk bag!